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Does my floor or room have to be empty?

Yes, the floor or room needs to be empty for sanding and refinishing work. If you're unable to empty the floor or room yourself, we can move furniture for a small fee.

How many coats of finish do you apply?

When we're refinishing a floor, we always apply three coats of finish. If we're staining the floor, we apply stain to the floor and then add three coats of finish on top.

Do I need to remove the skirting boards?

This is at your own discretion but you don't need to remove them for us. Our equipment can work right up to the boards and still leave a flawless finish.

How long does the process take?

The time-frames vary from job to job depending on the size of the project and the type of finish. Some finishes can take two hours to dry and others can take up to 18 hours. Generally speaking, a job takes between two and four days.

Will there be a lot of dust?

We're committed to working in a clean work-space and leaving areas as clean as possible. We use machines that release minimal dust and we always tape and plastic off work areas (where possible) and features such as cupboards, counters, bookshelves, and fireplaces so that you can enjoy your new floors in a clean space as soon as we leave.

Does the finish have a strong smell?

The strength of the smell really depends on the chosen finish. Some finish products have only a hint of a smell while others can be quite stronger.

What is your experience?

I worked as a sanding and refinishing specialist in the United States for many years. Hardwood floors are the most common type of flooring in the States and I worked on homes and business of every shape and size, from 700 sq ft ( 65 sq m) to 14,000 sq ft (1,300 sq m) throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine.

What areas do you cover?

We're based in Ballygarvan, Co. Cork and we cover the Munster area.